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The project team for hot rolling reheating furnace upgrading EPC project of Angang Lianzhong received the commendatory banner from the investor
SOURCE: AUTHOR:Hu Zhiyuan DATE:27 May 2022
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Recently, the project for evaporative cooling and waste heat utilization of flue gas of the hot rolling reheating furnace undertaken by MCC Huatian in EPC mode for  Angang Lianzhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was successfully accepted by the Owner. The project team received the commendatory banner from the investor State Grid Chongqing Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd. as a token of thanks for its outstanding performances.

It is learned that this project is part of energy management project invested by State Grid Chongqing Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd. MCC Huatian is responsible for the EPC part, including piling, civil foundation, steel structure, construction, thermal facilities, EIC automation system, reheating furnace body equipment, refractory masonry, etc. The metering instruments for steam, water and electricity of this project should not only pass the verification and calibration of government departments, but also be consistent with the brand and model of the existing metering instruments of Angang Lianzhong, so as to facilitate the data recording and settlement between the owner and the operation and maintenance organization.

The construction site of the project was narrow, and the owner required a short shutdown time. At the same time, affected by the pandemic, and hot, humid and rainy days in Guangzhou, the project was confronted with many difficulties. However, the EPC project team overcame the difficulties such as poor geological conditions for civil construction, complex underground pipe network, and the need to ensure normal production during construction, and ensured the construction quality while ensuring the shortest furnace shutdown time, thus reducing the impact on the rolling line, which was praised by the owner. It is worth mentioning that the main goal of the project is to maximize the recovery of the waste heat of the reheating furnace to generate high pressure saturated steam. The main equipment belongs to special pressure equipment, which is supervised by Guangzhou Academy of Special Equipment Inspection & Testing (GZSEI). Therefore, the inspection application of special equipment in the project is the top priority. As there is no similar project in Guangzhou in recent years, so there is no precedent for reference. The EPC project team overcame difficulties and finally made the project pass the supervision and inspection of GZSEI for special pressure equipment.

Since the project was put into operation, the equipment has been running stably, and the steam generated is delivered to the cold rolling mill for use in the pickling process. The owner no longer needs to purchase steam from other enterprises, which saves a lot of costs. The upgraded reheating furnace has obvious energy-saving effect, high level of intelligence, and greatly improved thermal performance. The smooth implementation of the project is a result of MCC Huatian's practical actions to help the owner go towards low-carbon, green and intelligent development.

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