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The world's first PSM equipped large-size wire rod & large coil composite production line designed by MCC Huatian passed hot running test
SOURCE: AUTHOR:Shu Leyi & Chen Zhiqiang DATE:27 May 2022
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On May 20, the world's first PSM equipped large-size wire rod & large coil composite production line designed by MCC Huatian passed the hot running test in the 5# line of the No. 8 rolling mill of Zenith Steel Group Company Limited, once again demonstrating the strength of MCC Huatian in the first echelon of "national team of metallurgical construction".

It is known that the former 5# line of No. 8 rolling mill is a domestic line with an actual annual output of 540,000 tons, mainly producing Ф 6.5 mm wire rod coils made of carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, cold heading steel, etc. However, the former 5# line has limited market application because it cannot roll wire rods above Ф25 mm. In order to expand the product range, increase the high value-added products, reduce the cost, enhance the market competitiveness, and increase the economic benefits of the enterprise, and in combination with the market demand for large coils, Zenith Steel Group Company Limited entrusted MCC Huatian to upgrade the technology of the 5# line of No. 8 rolling mill by making full use of the existing equipment, replacing the original domestic finishing mill with the 3-roll reducing and sizing block PSM, and equipping the coiling equipment, to build a single-line high-speed wire rod & large coil production line with international advanced level and Zenith characteristics, while improving product quality, and realizing low carbon and green industry chain characterized by process simplification, energy saving and emission reduction.

For the first time, this wire rod production line adopts the 3-roll reducing and sizing block imported from SMS to directly produce large-size wire rods. It combines the profilometer measurement system with the PSM hydraulic on-load closed-loop adjustment to realize online closed-loop control of finished product size and high-precision free size rolling, with 750℃ thermomechanical rolling and 700℃ low temperature wire rod laying/coiling capacities, rolling speed up to 42 m/s, and precision up to ±0.1 mm. It can produce high-speed wire rods of Ф11.5-26.5 mm and large coils of Ф16 -42.5 mm, including large-size annealing-free cold heading steel, high-end rolling element bearing steel and other high-end use, high value-added wire rods. The upgraded production line has an annual production capacity of 780,000 tons/year, which can produce both wire rod coils and large coils, and can adjust the product varieties and specifications according to the market demand, greatly improving the flexibility of the production line and bringing higher economic benefits.

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